Tanzania Helium
Rent Sharing Initiative

Call To Action: Send email requests to the Magufuli Cabinet and Parliament in Tanzania to express support of Earth Sharing methods for the capture and sharing of economic rent generated by helium extraction.

As reported by Earthsharing.org, a vast underground supply of helium gas has been discovered in the Tanzanian Rift Valley. Despite being the second most common element in the universe, helium is very rare on Earth due to it's low mass allowing it to easily escape the atmosphere and it is only produced from the slow decay of uranium and other elements. The helium underneath the Tanzanian Rift Valley could delay the depletion of the Earth's helium reserves, however, this new find threatens to further increase tensions between indigenous groups and the government as development projects continue to infringe on ancestral lands. The helium is valued at $3.5 billion, and considering the GDP of Tanzania stands at $46.8 billion, the country has much to gain. The problem for the government is that the discovery has been made in an area already beset with land claim issues between indigenous communities and businesses. Indigenous groups, notably the Maasai, have been repeatedly, and often violently, evicted from ancestral lands to make way for development projects. Long standing grievances also exist among local groups, who do not feel represented by the government. Agricultural, tourism, and other sectors are affected as well.

The latest discovery of helium deposits presents a fantastic opportunity for Tanzania to finance its development for the prosperity of the country and the benefit of the world rather than falling into the resource curse. That is why we are focusing advocacy efforts on the Magufuli Cabinet and Parliament to implement environmentally friendly and economically just Earth Sharing resource management methods. Earth Sharing methods are based on the ideas of American Founding Father Thomas Paine, Progressive Era socio-economic reformer Henry George, and other supporters, such as Thomas Jefferson, Milton Friedman, and Albert Einstein. Henry George is credited with being the most influential proponent of the value capture of land and resource rents. Other notable people in support of Earth Sharing methods include Adam Smith, the American Founding Fathers, Winston Churchill, and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, among others. Please help us to raise awareness in the Tanzania Parliament about evolutionary Earth Sharing ideas in an effort to make the world a more fair and just place. We envision Tanzania helping to lead the way for sweeping reforms across the globe. Type your name, email, and city in the boxes below, make any changes to the message that you see fit, and click the send button at the bottom to send it over to the Tanzania Parliament. If enough people bring it to their attention, perhaps we will see new legislation enacted that can also be a guide for other countries to follow. You can also send an email to each member individually using the directory located here.

"The equal right of all to the use of land is as clear as our equal right to breathe the air - it is a right proclaimed by the fact of our existence."

- Henry George, Progress and Poverty (1879) -

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